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Hey there

I am looking to commission an anime artist that can do anime commission of good quality.

What I am looking for is a commission of a kancolle character; except that my demands can be specific.

I'm expecting the artist to be able to produce a face shape like the one in the following image; it is mildly NSFW, but no nudity:

If anyone can produce art like that, please post or shoot me a note.

Or if you have cool sketching, I'm also interested in that. Really looking for a specific artstyle like the one I posted above.
Alright, so... I know that I did make a thread in the past, but I realized that I needed something more specific than what I had in mind in the first place. So, I apologize for that, and hope you can all bear with me on this. Please read the below if you are interested, as it is important. DO NOT SIMPLY POST YOUR WORK AS IF I HAD ANY INTEREST, I MEAN NO DISRESPECT, BUT PLEASE RESPECT ME ENOUGH TO READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, AS I WILL HONOR YOU WITH THE SAME KIND OF RESPECT. tl;dr can be found at the end of this post, but you're better off reading all of it.

Meet Ikazuchi. Ikazuchi is a Kantai Collection girl, 6th Destroyer Division. Best Kancolle there is, in my biased opinion. I want a commission of Ikazuchi.

When I say I want a commission, I mean a few things:

-First, I need something high quality. I understand that there are talented people out there who may feel like they can do this, but I am going to need someone extremely proficient at drawing anime.

-Ikazuchi is a loli. She is a little girl, she looks 11-12. She is by no means a teenager, and when drawn, the loli apperance is to be preserved at all costs.

-She does NOT have bowl hair. There tend to be a lot of speculations and guesses about what sort of hair she has. I will embed some references below so that you may get a good idea of what her hair is like. But please, by no means should this be approached with the thought she has bowl hair.

-I have a high budget. If you are a good artist who's looking to get paid for their quality work, I'm right here. I want to see your work, though. While this means that I can pay you well, it doesn't mean I am any stupid.

-There is one specific picture I like, and as the artist who may work on this, you are going to need to keep in mind one thing: That your ultimate goal would be to reproduce her in the first reference I am to provide. The top priority is to reproduce her good looks in one of the references. You may use other references as I can provide some more in case you need them.

-I can pay upfront, but would rather pay when receiving the sketch.

-I am expecting to receive the sketch, the lineart, the final art piece, both with a transparent background and a background. No commercial use is intended, all is personal.

Now, with that being said: NSFW NSFW NSFW ALERT

The top three references can be found above. The first image IS THE SOLE #1 REFERENCE, the other two may be used. Ikazuchi is the girl with brown hair and a cute fang, next to the girl with purple hair.

Upon drawing Ikazuchi, you need to keep in mind three things: She has a fang on the right side of her mouth, she does not have bowl hair, and she is A YOUNG GIRL, NOT A TEENAGER.

Another good reference would be a commission I got done. Ikazuchi by fa-rend

Clothing will be discussed.

Please post your work below. This is very specific, but it means the world to me.

tl;dr: I am looking for a loli commission. You need to be good at drawing lolis. Post your work.

Gonna make this short
I want a commission of Ikazuchi, I have a reference that needs to be prioritized

The following link IS NSFW AND IT IS LOLI.

Girl next to the purple haired girl (she has brown hair and a nice fang) (NSFW)

I want it to be an Ink commission, if you do these you'll know what I mean, I'm mostly looking for a dramatic headshot of Ikazuchi according to that reference, with her mouth open so that the fang stands out. Black in white (duh), sharp, semi-realistic. Please keep in mind she is young as hell and needs to be kept young. This is clearly a 12 years old girl and not a 17 years old teenager. I've commissioned people all across the lands and they always did a teenager. The reference should be enough. She has short brown hair (shoulder length), wide eyes and a cute fang. The commission needs to be high res, too.

Only ink art stuff, please. I need this. Note me with work and prices. Many thanks.


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